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Developed by Industry experts, choose from our growing library of off-the-shelf courses to use or customise for your team.

How we can work together...

Developed by industry experts to give you the highest level of training at a fraction of the price.  You can leverage our off-the-shelf training in two ways.

  1. Enrol your team directly into our existing courses and get job ready or up-skill. This is the most economical option if one of our existing topics will work for your business.
  2. Choose a course that covers the basics and customise it to make it your own. This is a more affordable option than developing a course from scratch.

Why reinvent the wheel if the basic structure of the course is already existing. We can work with you to create a course that looks and sounds like you – hosted on our platform and available only to your team.

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Affordable courses you can customise to make your own.