Customised online training for your team

If your needs are more specific, or complex, allow us to provide customised training tailored to your business. Customise an off-the-shelf course, convert an offline course into an interactive online course, or create your own from scratch. The options are endless.

Build a valuable asset for your business

Our customisation service is designed with flexibility in mind. In our experience, every business has specific requirements that make training unique to them. This may be because of particular systems and processes that need to be followed, or you may have intellectual property that makes your business stand out in the market. Either way, we can help you find an affordable solution to launch your next online course.

There are essentially three ways you can work with us.

1. Customise our existing content

Do you like the content of one of our courses but need to add some more information and customise it for your business? We can do that! We’re all about getting the most effective training for your team so let’s work together using our existing content as a base and develop a course perfect for your team. 


2. Bespoke course development

Many businesses are still operating with offline training – but this comes with its challenges. Do you have PDF or printed training manuals to convert into a multimedia online course? Perhaps you have a clear vision of what you need? We’ll tailor a solution to suit – with as little or as much support from us as you require. 


3. You build your own course

Cheaper than the other options, and ideal for those who may have resources in-house that can assist with course development, or those on a restricted budget. Using our online course framework, build out your course lessons, upload your course content and you're almost there! We'll support you to get the course live, and in no time you'll be ready to launch your new online course.

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Customise our courses or build it from scratch