Inspiring a new way to learn and teach

With the technology available to us these days, and online learning the "norm" it is surprising that many businesses have not invested in quality training solutions for their team. Inspired to make corporate training more accessible to small to medium sized businesses, Zullius is focussed on unlocking the potential within your team and co-creating an asset that will add value to your business, streamline efficiencies, and make it easier for your team to learn.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create affordable, inspiring and high quality corporate training that will add value to businesses and to the lives of our students.

Our Values

Our team are united in their shared passion for education, creativity and problem solving. We believe in being resourceful, collaborative and investing in quality over quantity.

Our Founder

Our founder, Jacqui Shephard, brings an impressive set of skills to Zullius. Displaying exceptional leadership, Jacqui is a specialist corporate trainer, human resources and recruitment expert, writer and speaker. Her ability to deeply understand the training needs of any business, and make that meaningful to the team members is an exceptional skill and something she has in common with the rest of the team.

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